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Multi-day tours (private)


Our private multi-day tours are designed for your comfort and enjoyment. Choose from our designed tours or work with us to create a custom itinerary that meets your specific interests and needs. Our experienced tour guides will take care of all the logistics so you can focus on the beauty and culture of this breathtaking region.

Best of Slovenia

Planning on visiting our capital over the weekend? Would you also like to cover all the main attractions of our country and enjoy your evenings in vibrant and cosy Ljubljana? Then our weekend break packages with daytrips from Ljubljana are perfect for you! So perfect, you can also book them for an over week stay.

Or do you have a bit more time and are eager on changing the location of your accommodation a few times to really immerse yourself into the diverse Slovenian regions? Get the most out of your time and budget and make your tour in Slovenia an unforgettable experience. 

Exclusive tours

Who’s up for themed travel? We have those to! One of a kind is our Authentic tour, which takes you away from the usual tourist trappings and beyond travel guides. It provides one-of-a- kind experience with Fedr, world traveller with exceptional knowledge of Slovenia.

You can also enliven your imagination with our book tour, a carefully crafted four-day masterpiece for book lovers.

What we can offer you

Hassle free experience

Having the sightseeing, transportation and accommodation arranged for the entire journey takes so much of the stress out of travel. All you’ll have to do is get here and enjoy your holidays. We will also be here for you while you are here!

No hidden costs

No small text. When you book with us, the price and service you see in the quotation letter is your final price.

Itineraries crafted by tour designers

Accommodation we include is always handpicked and treated not just as a place to stay the nights, but always with the idea to further enhance your personal experience of the destination. If you prefer tailored made and private tours, let us create the seamless and personalized tour for you!

Trusted service

With over 1000 exceptional reviews, we are a leading inbound tour provider in Slovenia. And we do not plan to jeopardize that.

Craft Your Own Adventure!

Craving something truly unique? Design your own tour. From Slovenia's famous sights to hidden treasures, we'll guide you in creating a journey that's tailor-made for your interests and desires. 

Let our experts help bring your dream tour to life!

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Dive into Epic Adventures Beyond Just Slovenia! 

A whirlwind tours through Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, and France. Phew! Took a moment, didn't it?

Strategically perched in Central Eastern Europe, we're your golden ticket to a buffet of experiences in these stunning locations. Whether it's nibbling on a croissant in France, dancing at a Bulgarian festival, or tracing history in Macedonia, our private tours are your backstage pass to a smorgasbord of adventures. Ready to get your travel groove on? 🌍

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