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1. About the Privacy Policy 

This Privacy Policy informs users about the collection, use, and protection of their personal data by Slovenia Explorer/Proteus d.o.o, Slomškova ul. 17, 1000 Ljubljana. We prioritize the security of your personal data, using organizational measures, advanced technology, and expert advice to safeguard it. This policy aligns with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and covers company contact information, data processing details, data retention periods, individual rights, and complaint procedures.

2. Data Collection

  • Website Visitors: Data collected via cookies.
  • Service Users/Subscribers: Name, surname, email, phone number, IP address, and information necessary for offering services.

3. Data controller

The controller of personal data processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy is the Proteus d.o.o., Slomškova ul. 17, 1000 Ljubljana. 

4. Scope

This policy applies to all individuals who interact with our services, including website visitors and service users.

5. Data Processing Objectives and Foundations

  • Contractual Basis: Data is processed for service provision, including user identification, service billing, and handling service-related communications.
  • Legal Basis: We utilize data to ensure the safety and stability of our services, prevent fraudulent use, and uphold service quality. In cases of suspected abuses, we may share information with relevant authorities. If abuses or fraud are identified, related data can be retained for five years post the end of the business relationship.
  • Consent: Some data processing activities depend on your consent, such as marketing communications. Consent can be modified or withdrawn at any time, and this will not affect existing business relationships. Data processed on this basis will be retained for two years after the business relationship ends.

6. Data Transmission Restrictions

We may authorize select entities to perform tasks complementing our services. We ensure that these entities strictly adhere to confidentiality and legal standards. Personal data may also be provided to competent state authorities under legal circumstances.

7. Data Retention

We retain data based on its category and purpose. Accounting data and related contact details are stored up to the expiration of legal claims, which can vary from one to five years. Invoices are retained for 10 years in line with VAT laws. Data acquired with consent is stored for the duration of our business relationship plus 2 years, unless a longer period is required by law.

8. Individual Data Rights

We ensure the protection of your rights over your data and will address any requests within a month, extendable by two more months in complex scenarios. Requests can be made at info(at) You possess rights including, but not limited to, data access, rectification, erasure, processing restriction, data portability, and objection.

9. Complaints about Data Processing

For complaints regarding data processing, contact us via email or post. If unsatisfied, you may approach the Information Commissioner. Prior to that, a reasoned complaint can be submitted to us (e-mail address info(at) or by post to the address of the company Proteus d.o.o., Slomškova ul. 17, 1000 Ljubljana) and we'll respond within five business days.

10. Policy Provisions  

Matters not addressed in this policy defer to applicable laws. We reserve the right to modify this policy and will notify of changes on our website 30 days before implementation. For queries, email us at info(at)

11. Policy Validity

This policy is available on our website and has been effective since 25.5.2018.

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