Authentic Slovenia tour by Fedr

Authentic Slovenia tour by Fedr

8d Sat
Hidden gems and local traditions in the most interesting places in Slovenia. Experience history come alive from the mountain villages of the Alps to forests and secrets of Pohorje to rolling hills and river valleys of lowland wine country.

What to expect

Learn traditional crafts, listen to ancient legends, meet great local people and enjoy delicious local food and excellent wine.

This private tour was designed and organized by Fedr, a world traveller and Slovenia expert, the founder of Slovenia Explorer travel agency. He will also be your guide on this unforgettable journey through Slovenia. 

Why explore Slovenia with Fedr? Gregor Födransperg – Fedr is a travel writer and photographer, and one of the most recognizable Slovenian travellers. 

He wrote two books and numerous articles in Slovenian newspapers and magazines, including National Geographic. Fedr travelled the world for 20 years and spent half of that time organizing and leading group tours all around the world. Whilst exploring different countries, cultures and values, meeting countless travellers – both as colleagues and clients – and through working with local agencies and travel guides, he has amassed extensive experience, which he has channelled into helping his clients explore Slovenia with Slovenia Explorer travel agency.

  • Itinerary


      Meet in Ljubljana after lunch and start the tour with a sightseeing walk around Ljubljana, Fedr's home town. Discover the main architectural and historical highlights as well as hidden corners known only to locals, and learn how the city has transformed since the independence of Slovenia. Leave Ljubljana and spend the night on a farm in Jezersko, a remote mountain village in the heart of the Slovenian Alps. Learn about the sheep herding in the area and enjoy a traditional shepherds' dinner.

      Overnight Jezersko


      Visit the area of Lake Bled, Slovenia's most popular tourist destination in the Alps, but discover places that crowds tend to miss: ruins of medieval castles, crystal clear rivers and raging waterfalls, spectacular viewpoints, quaint villages, tasty local food. Learn about the tradition of beekeeping and discover the secrets of honey production. Return to Jezersko for a relaxing evening and another traditional dinner.

      Overnight Jezersko


      Drive across Alpine mountain passes and visit Logar valley, one of the most picturesque places in Slovenia. Reach the easternmost edge of the Alps and observe how this mighty mountain range gently transforms into lower, forested hills. Stay at a farm in the wooded hills of Pohorje. Ever milked a cow?

      Overnight Pohorje


      Did you know that modern space exploration was pioneered by a Slovenian? Visit the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies and learn about this mysterious episode of Slovenian history. Then clear your mind during a canopy walk in Pohorje forest and savor the smell of pristine forest.

      Overnight Pohorje


      Immerse yourself into medieval history of Slovenia. At its peak Žiče Carthusian monastery was the seat of the monastic order and boasted a larger library than Vatican. Enjoy its natural surroundings and imagine the gregorian chants of the monks echoing through this peaceful valley. Ptujska gora church is the best example of Gothic art in Slovenia, with a rare combination of architecture, sculpture and painting. Admire the views of Drava river valley and try and find the mound, which according to local legends is the tomb of Attila the Hun. Spend the night in a boutique hotel in medieval part of Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia.

      Overnight Ptuj


      Explore the remote region along the frontier with Croatia and admire the landscape of gently rolling hills dotted with orchards and vineyards. See the production of premium crystal glass in famous Rogaška glassworks, stemming from the 350 year old glass-making tradition. Discover one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, get lost in a medieval castle and taste excellent wine in a local wine cellar. Stay at a farmstead, once a flour mill, in a remote green valley, surrounded by woods and forests, and encircled by a bubbling stream.

      Overnight Lower Carniola


      Bela krajina region (the Whitelands), named after white birches, is another remote region of Slovenia. Take a canoe trip down Kolpa river, the Amazon of Slovenia, and enjoy pristine nature and its simphony of bird songs. Attend a workshop to prepare »Belokranjska pogača«, a salty cake, which is a traditional welcome snack of the region. Make the dough, bake the cake, and break bread with your fellow travelers. Taste some excellent local wine and return to the water mill farm for another delicious dinner.

      Overnight Lower Carniola


      Kočevsko woodlands has some of the last remaining virgin forest in Europe. Breathe fresh forest air, imagine how nature has shaped this area through the centuries and learn how beech trees have spread all around Europe from this very forest. Visit Ribnica, a town of strong woodworking tradition, and try your hand at making a wooden spoon, your own handmade souvenir of Slovenia. Return to Ljubljana in the late afternoon. 

      End of tour in Ljubljana

  • Know before you go

    Please note that the following itinerary is tentative and may be modified to meet your needs. We would love to provide you with a customized itinerary that meets your specific preferences and requirements. We reserve the right to change the itinerary due to weather and seasonal conditions.

    Once you submit your booking, we will create a personalized itinerary that includes a fixed price for your convenience. You will have the opportunity to review and confirm this itinerary before your booking is finalized. We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible and look forward to helping you plan your next adventure.

    Why explore Slovenia with Gregor Födransperg - Fedr? 

    He is a real expert on Slovenia. He is a passionate connoisseur of his country and prides himself on knowing it like the back of his hand. Fedr not only knows the history and current events in Slovenia, but also has the right contacts and acquaintances. In his company, you will also visit many places that most Slovenians have never heard of!

    Do you enjoy swapping travel stories? Fedr has not yet been to Australia and Antarctica, but he has visited all the other continents. He now travels with his family, exploring the jungles of Borneo and the Amazon, for example. He backpacked around the world, worked as a volunteer trekking guide in Guatemala, and was the first Slovenian to hike the Pacific Crest Trail across the United States from Mexico to Canada. He also undertook extensive cycling tours - he circumnavigated the Mediterranean for a year and visited the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa, where he spent six months cycling from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro. 

    He is a very good listener and enjoys hearing travel stories and experiences!

  • Included

    • 8 days / 7 nights private tour led by Fedr
    • Accommodation with half board 4* including tourist tax, based on the occupancy of a double room
    • All entrance fees and other costs depending on the itinerary
    • Airport pick-up and return transportation
    • All necessary transportation
  • Not included

    • Flight tickets
    • Drinks and meals not included in your personal travel itinerary
    • Travel insurance
    • Additional excursions and/or services not listed in your personal itinerary
    • Gratuities (optional)
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