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Boutique DMC in Slovenia, Central Europe and the Balkans

We are a boutique DMC based in Ljubljana, Slovenia and we offer the best quality service for both the leisure travel and MICE. We are delighted to work with each client individually to understand their specific needs and requirements for each leisure or incentive group to see if we can come up with a specific theme for their program. We can build themes around any manner of cultural, culinary, historic, scientific or activity area as well as linking to an industry or other required niche.

Scheduled daily tours

In our daily trips we specialize in small groups of 2-8 people, striving to create an environment in which customers can really enjoy their day without any hassle or rush. We aim to present all customers with the opportunity to really immerse themselves into Slovene culture and the beauty of the country. These trips are wonderful for small groups, families or individual travelers. We endeavor to cater to everyone’s needs and show that we genuinely care about the people who decide to travel with us.

Customized travel

We have extensive experience of designing and operating specialist leisure groups. Whatever the aim –education, sightseeing, pilgrimage, sport adventures – we are masters of delivering unique, pleasurable, and unforgettable experiences. We are committed to exploring Slovenia in detail, showing off our country’s major sights and highlights, as well as unveiling its lesser known treasures. We share a passion for both our country and the tourism industry; a fact reflected in our enthusiastic approach and our dedication to strive for perfection. Our guides have been commended for their knowledge, care and communication skills, as well as the passion with which they present the country.

Incentives, meetings and events

We can innovate for any theme, budget and level of challenge for small and unique groups. Whether you need a board meeting, management retreat, unique event or motivational incentive trip we can design and deliver the perfect experience. We can offer a variety of unique accommodation options and settings, with unique activities and amazing sights to break up the working day. We offer gourmet cuisine set within atmospheric restaurants and social settings to round off any day perfectly.

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