Slovenian ancestry tours and packages

Discover your ancestry, reconnect with your family roots and explore the land of your forefathers.

  • Departure: By request
  • Price: By request

Have you always wondered about the places where your ancestors emigrated from? We can help you experience Slovenia through a customized itinerary, get you in contact with genealogy experts, provide you with different research options, and organise visits to ancestral sites. Join our tours and activities and immerse yourself in the Slovenian culture, find out more about the traditions of the region your parents or grandparents lived in. We offer a genuine and authentic heritage experience customized especially for your needs and assure you to make it a wonderful holiday.


Scheduled daytrips

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Stay in Ljubljana, the capital city, and explore Slovenia on scheduled daytrips around the country. We offer a variety of daytrips around Slovenia to the most popular, as well as lesser known attractions. Perfect if you have only a short amount of time to spend in Slovenia.

Private tours

Choose our custom-made private tours in order to get a tour tailored entirely to your needs. Decide on the itinerary and spend as much time exploring any part of Slovenia with your own private guide and transportation available for the entire duration of the tour.

Group tours

Best option for a group travelling together. We can accommodate small groups of up to 8 people, as well as bigger groups, and plan the itinerary accordingly.


Experience Slovenian traditions through activities with traditional music, dances and cuisine. Try your skills learning traditional crafts and experience your ancestors’ way of life.

Tours in the neighbouring countries

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If you wish to extend your holidays and visit some of the surrounding area as well, we offer private tours into the neighbouring countries - Austria, Italy, Croatia or Hungary.

Sports events

We can prepare tours for sports teams and organise different sports events in Slovenia and neighbouring countries (soccer, basketball, volleyball, american football, petanque and others).


Genealogy & family tree

Get in contact with genealogy experts based in Slovenia in order to find out more about your family tree. Please note that genealogy research requires a certain amount of time. Its success varies on the data you already have available. Make sure you allow enough time in order to get the results you want. The prices of experts depend on the amount of time needed to spend for the research. Upon request it is possible to have a family tree made.

Archives & church records

Where possible, we can arrange visits to access local archives and church records to discover your ancestry and connect with relatives.


Traditional evenings

  • Avsenik
  • Traditional Slovenian Evening
  • Local veselica party

Traditional cuisine

  • Typical food of Slovenia tour
  • Gourmet culinary tour of Slovenia
  • Ljubljana Foodtour
  • Culinary workshop

Traditional craft workshops

  • Bread baking
  • Pottery
  • Easter egg decoration
  • Pogaca of Bela Krajina
  • Flax weaving
  • Bobbin lace making
  • Distilling spirits

Special events

  • Carnival (pust or mardi gras) in February or March
  • Grape harvest and Martinmas in September, October and November
  • Christmas markets in December
  • Jurjevanje in April
  • Medieval days in the summer months
  • Military history festival in September

Pilgrimage trips

  • Brezje
  • Sveta gora
  • Ptujska gora

Prices vary on the number of passengers in the party and the type of accomodation (available: hostel, B & B, farmstay, hotel 3-/4-/5-star, boutique & luxury)

Short break in Slovenia

Tour includes:

  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Entrance fees

Optional extras:

  • Food and beverages
A week in Slovenia

This tour can be taken as a private tour or a combination of our scheduled small-group daytrips.

Tour includes:

  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Entrance fees

Optional extras:

  • Food and beverages
Comprehensive Slovenia

This tour is designed as a private tour.

  • Arrival, overnight in Bled
  • Alpine lakes, overnight in Bled
  • Soča valley, overnight in Bled
  • Idrija UNESCO heritage, overnight in Piran
  • Slovenian coast, overnight in Piran
  • Trieste and Lipica stud farm tour, overnight in Piran
  • Škocjan caves, overnight in Ljubljana
  • Ljubljana walking tour, free time, overnight in Ljubljana
  • Krka valley, overnight in Ljubljana
  • Kamnik & Velika planina, overnight in Ljubljana
  • Free time in Ljubljana, half day tour to Postojna cave & Predjama castle, overnight in Ljubljana
  • Bizeljsko & Rogaška, overnight in Ptuj
  • Jeruzalem & Prekmurje, overnight in Ptuj
  • Maribor & Styria, overnight in Ljubljana
  • Free time in Ljubljana
  • Departure

Tour includes:

  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Entrance fees

Optional extras:

  • Food and beverages