Within an afternoon, you can explore the Postojna Cave, the largest underground karst cave in Slovenia and one of the most beautiful ones in the world, and visit the picturesque Predjama Castle, located nearby.

Taking a cave train ride through the Postojna Cave, you will discover a wonderful underground labyrinth of tunnels, passageways and chambers full of dripstones of amazing shapes. Afterwards you will visit the Predjama Castle, one of the most unusual castles in Slovenia, built into a high overhanging cliff face.

The price includes transfers, guidance and admission fees to Postojna cave and Predjama castle.

Price: 74 € per person
Duration: Five hours
Departure point and time: EuCNC 2018 registration desk, Thursday June 21 2018 at 14:00 CET

Daytrip highlights

Postojna cave

Postojna Cave is the best-known cave in the world. It is also the greatest tourist attraction in Slovenia and one of the world's largest Karst monuments. What makes Postojna cave a must-see attraction of Slovenia? Starting with a unique and adventurous ride with a special train, it is one of the most diverse cave systems in the world, with 21 km of passages, galleries and magnificent halls, which offer an unparalleled experience of the underground world and a large diversity of underground animals – including the world famous human fish (proteus anguinus). The temperature in Postojna cave is a constant 9º C / 48 Fahrenheit, so you need to bring some warm clothes and comfortable shoes.

Predjama castle

The Predjama Castle reigns over the surrounding area, perched high up in a vertical cliff, not far from the Postojna cave, in the idyllic village of Predjama. It is an interesting and romantic sight throughout the year: in the spring and summer its surroundings are abundant with blossoms and flowers, in the autumn it is clad in the colours of surrounding forests and it is at its most enchanting in the winter when the surrounding area is covered in snow. The castle was referred to in writing for the first time in 1202 and today it has been placed on lists of top 10 castles to see in the world. Erazem of Predjama (Erasmus) is the main protagonist of numerous legends – on the one hand these legends glorify him as a passionate, handsome and noble knight, while on the other he is described as a bandit and a robber baron who met his death on the toilet.