Ljubljana Dinner Walk


Turn a sightseeing walking tour of Ljubljana into a culinary journey through Slovenia. It takes a 100 minutes to explore the medieva part of Ljubljana and discover the culinary heritage of Slovenia. We taste enough food to consider this a full dinner.

  • Departure: Every day at 7 pm
  • Price: € 49


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Ljubljana Old Town

Explore the oldest part of Ljubljana, Medieval town underneath the castle hill. Admire impressive architecture from Baroque and Art Nouveau periods on one hand, and modern boutique shops, restaurants and bars on the other. This vibrant area is an enchanting part of Ljubljana. As you walk along pedestrianized streets, learn about the local culinary traditions.

Ljubljanica River

Walk along Ljubljanica river embankments, a picturesque area full of open-air cafes. Count boats on the river and admire the works of of Jože Plečnik, the most famous Slovenian architect. His most famous work in Ljubljana are the Three Bridges, but he also designed the Central Market and its Arcades and the locks on Ljubljanica river.

Culinary journey through Slovenia

During the walk we stop in local restaurants offering typical Slovenian and Ljubljana dishes. Through tales and tastes you will travel through all of Slovenia’s culinary regions and you will learn about their culinary heritage. Travel from the appetizer to dessert and learn about the traditions and origins, foreign influences and current trends in Slovenian cuisine.

€ 49 / person

Price includes:

  • Guided tour
  • Full dinner

Our dinner walk tours have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 9 passengers.