Discover Slovenia from Trieste

Coast & Karst, Ljubljana

When staying in Trieste, Italy, don’t miss the opportunity to explore Slovenia. Choose one of our daytrips or citybreaks to visit some of the main attractions in Slovenia.

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Start your tour from Trieste, which is located only a short drive from the Slovenian border. Select the attractions you would like to see from the itineraries below and visit Slovenia in a day or, if you have more time, stay in Slovenia for a couple of nights and return to Trieste afterwards.

Slovenia in One Day

A daytrip that covers two of the most popular attractions in Slovenia - lake Bled and Postojna cave - in one day. Spend your day visiting Postojna cave and the nearby Predjama castle and enjoy lake Bled, the Alpine gem, which cannot be missed when visiting Slovenia.

Ljubljana and lake Bled

Combine visiting Ljubljana, the capital, with lake Bled, one of the top sights in Slovenia. Revel in the hospitality of the small streets, squares and river banks of Ljubljana, take in the relaxed atmosphere during your walking tour, and come to know more about its history and architecture. Learn why Bled is considered one of the most picturesque places in Slovenia while taking a traditional boat ride and visiting Bled castle.

Ljubljana and Postojna cave & Predjama castle

Discover the most visited attraction in Slovenia - Postojna cave - and catch a glimpse of the magnificent Slovenian underground. Visit the mysterious castle of Predjama, built into a vertical cliff with a cave system in the back. Spend a part of your day in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, and see the main sights on a walking tour through the old town.

Škocjan UNESCO caves and Lipica stud farm

Explore two world-renowned attractions in the Slovenian Karst. The system of Škocjan caves was listed as a UNESCO heritage site in 1986 for its underground canyon and its unique ecosystem. Visit the cradle of the famous Lipizzaner horses and find out more about their turbulent history on your guided visit of the stud farm.

Custom trip

Choose our custom-made private tours in order to get a tour tailored entirely to your needs. Decide on the itinerary and spend as much time exploring any part of Slovenia with your own private guide and transportation available for the entire duration of the tour.

Group tours

The best option for a group travelling together. We can accommodate small groups of up to 8 people, as well as bigger groups, and plan the itinerary accordingly.

Begin your tour in Trieste and check out most popular places to see in Slovenia while staying in Ljubljana for 2-3 days.


  • DAY 1: Start from Trieste, Postojna cave, Predjama castle, Ljubljana walking tour - overnight Ljubljana
  • DAY 2: Bled lake, return to Trieste


  • DAY 1: Start from Trieste, Lipica stud farm, Ljubljana walking tour - overnight Ljubljana
  • DAY 2: Bled & Bohinj lakes - overnight Ljubljana
  • DAY 2: Postojna cave, Predjama castle, return to Trieste


Tell us what you would like to see and we can prepare a custom itinerary tailored to your wishes.

Prices of city breaks vary on the number of passengers in the party and
the type of accomodation (available: hostel, B & B, farmstay,
hotel 3-/4-/5-star, boutique & luxury)

Day trip price includes:

  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Entrance fees

Optional extras:

  • Food and beverages

Day trip prices per person:

Day trip/Number of people 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Slovenia in One Day 570 € 345 € 270 € 235 € 215 € 200 € 190 € 180 €
Ljubljana and lake Bled 540 € 315 € 240 € 210 € 185 € 170 € 160 € 150 €
Ljubljana, Postojna cave and Predjama castle 540 € 315 € 240 € 210 € 185 € 170 € 160 € 150 €
Škocjan caves and Lipica stud farm 550 € 325 € 250 € 220 € 195 € 180 € 160 € 150 €
Custom made day trip* 525 € 295 € 225 € 190 € 180 € 170 € 160 € 150 €

*Custom made day trip price does not include any entrance, parking or toll fees. It includes transportation and professional guidance.