Cheers with Beers at Beer Fountain in Žalec

Eastern Slovenia

Learn all about the hops-growing traditions in Savinja region and enjoy an exquisite beer tasting at the first beer fountain in Europe.

Summer season (1. April – 31. October): By request; 2.30 p.m.-7.30 p.m.

Price: 69 € per person

Daytrip highlights

Lower Savinja valley

Named after Savinja river, the valley is marked by the rolling hills that surround it and seemingly endless fields of hops or the green gold as the locals like to call it. Hops, the essential flavouring of beer, has been grown extensively in this region since the 19th century and it left a significant mark on the culture and history of the entire region.

Photo by Nea Culpa

Hops farm

Slovenia is considered the 5th largest producer of hops in the world. Hops farms in this area are modern farms that combine modern technologies with the traditional ways of growing hops. Many of these welcome visitors in order to share their way of life and the modern hops production. A vital ingredient to any beer, hops grows as a vine-like climber. The flowers on female plants are what the hops growers are after and those bloom from spring to autumn. The most renowned local hops in this region is the Styrian savinjski golding.

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Žalec beer fountain

Greeted by the media worldwide, Žalec beer fountain was a novel idea that received awards for its innovation and opened up the gates into Slovenian hop-growing and beer-brewing traditions to people from all over the world. In the middle of the town of Žalec, a fountain was built with 8 pipes holding 8 different beers from Slovenia. A visitor receives their own beer mug, made by renowned designer Oskar Kogoj which they can also keep as a souvenir. A chip located in the mug allows a single tasting from each of the pipes.

Photo by Nea Culpa


Map view for Cheers with beers at beer fountain in Žalec

€ 69 / person

Our prices are all-inclusive, so the only extra cost on the tour is lunch. You need to take that into consideration when comparing tour prices, as many agencies advertise low prices and put the admission fees and other extras in the small print.

Price includes:

  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Beer tasting at Žalec beer fountain

Optional extras:

  • Lunch

Our scheduled day trips have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 passengers.

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