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All major tourist highlights in the best day trip in Slovenia!

Price: €139 Photos

Visit Postojna cave, number 1 tourist attraction in Slovenia and probably the most beautiful cave in the world.

Price: €79 Photos

Combine some of the most popular attractions in Slovenia and spend the day exploring the enchanting Postojna cave with its underground train, mysterious Predjama castle, and charming coastal town of Piran.

Price: €109 Photos

Enjoy a relaxing weekend getaway in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and explore the country’s sights.

Price: €260 Photos

When staying in Trieste, Italy, don’t miss the opportunity to explore Slovenia. Choose one of our daytrips or citybreaks to visit some of the main attractions in Slovenia.

Price: from 150 Photos

Leave it up to the experts to show you hidden gems and take you off the beaten track and explore Slovenia the way locals would.

Price: €135 Photos

A city break from London with the right combination of daytrips which include the best attractions in Slovenia as well as wine-tasting.

Price: €260 Photos

Best of Slovenia from London

City breaks from london:

Combine a direct flight from London's Stanstead or Lutton airports and a city break in Ljubljana with multiple daytrips around Slovenia.

Price: €260 Photos

Choose an itinerary and allow us to show you the beauties of Slovenia.

Price: from 99 Photos

Explore the most visited attraction in Slovenia on this half-day trip to Postojna cave.

Price: €64 Photos

Explore this part of central Europe on a tour that combines two empires - the Venetian and the Habsburg, and one small nation in the middle. Visit the cities of Venice, Trieste, Ljubljana, Graz and Vienna, and discover the hidden secrets of smaller Slovenian towns and regions while visiting some of the main attractions in Slovenia.

Price: 1625 € Photos

Explore the best parts of former Yugoslavia on a private small group tour. Visit numerous UNESCO heritage sites, the Croatian coast and the Plitvice national park, the pearls of Montenegro, the renowned bridge of Mostar and discover the beauty of Slovenia. Comfortable travel, excellent wines, and great culinary experiences.

Price: €2230 Photos

Explore Slovenia and discover its natural, historical and cultural heritage. Visit the Karst and its caves, the Alps and their lakes, valleys and mountains, and the vineyards of Slovenia. Enjoy good food, taste some excellent wines, and stay in the best hotels in the country.

Price: €2230 Photos

Explore Slovenia with a combination of scheduled and private tours. Visit the best places in west Slovenia, admire its natural and historical heritage, ride the historical museum train through the scenic Alpine landscape, and experience the best little hotels in the country.

Price: €1780 Photos
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