Pannonian plains day tourNE Slovenia: Mura river - Murska Sobota – Bogojina - Filovci

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Explore Prekmurje, the Panonian plain in north-east Slovenia, famous for its endless sunflower fields and elegant storks. Discover traditional crafts and taste local wine and delicacies during off the beaten track bicycle trip.


  • Off the beaten track bicycle tour
  • Traditional crafts – pottery, water-mill, and honeybread making
  • Wine tasting and local delicacies

Why visit Prekmurje region?

We drive to Prekmurje, Slovenia’s most remote region, famous for its endless sunflower fields, elegant storks and huge pumpkins. Prekmurje literally means “over Mura” and the region is divided from the rest of Slovenia by river Mura. We stop on the poetically named river island, Otok ljubezni (The Island of Love), and visit a faithful replica of a traditional water-mill, built entirely of wood. We experience the ages old method of milling wheat, corn, buckwheat and spelt, and we can also buy the ecologically produced and freshly milled produce.

Our next stop is Murska Sobota, the regional and administrative centre of Prekmurje. We stroll through the town centre and visit the castle and its magnificent, thickly wooded park.

Trip description

During lunch break we have time for a traditional lunch, and then continue to Moravske Toplice, a famous spa town. We hop on bicycles for a 28 km (18mi) circular ride across the countryside, which most Slovenians have never visited. We stop at a hidden gem, the Bogojina parish church, a world-class architectural masterpiece which was built by Slovenia’s most famous architect Jože Plečnik. We ride our bicycles through small, timeless villages and arrive to Bukovniško jezero, a lake made famous by the discovery of many energy-rich points around it. We return to Moravske Toplice through the village of Filovci, famous for its potters. We stop at the local museum and pottery workshop and discover this ancient craft.

In winter or in case of bad weather, we substitute mini bus for the bicycle ride.