The oldest and quite possibly the prettiest city in Slovenia is built upon huge wine cellars on the banks of river Drava.


  • Sense of history
  • Kurentovanje, local carnival
  • Wine, vineyards and wine cellars
  • Recreational activities: cycling, boating and wind surfing

History of Ptuj

Ptuj has been an important place since Celtic and Roman times. Ptuj was one of the main centers of Roman Mythraism. Famous for its castle, perched upon a hill above the old city centre, Ptuj has a medieval quarter, which takes you well back in time. Its coat of arms bears St. George’s cross and has been used since the Middle Ages.

Kurentovanje, local Ptuj carnival

Nowadays Ptuj is best known for its carnival, featuring Kurents, traditional figures, dressed in sheep skins, wearing bull horns and sporting huge cow bells. Kurentovanje, Ptuj carnival, is one of the most prominent ethnographical events in Slovenia.

Wine, vineyards and wine cellars

Being the center of a wine growing region, Ptuj has been built upon huge wine cellars, which house Slovenia’s oldest wine, the 1917 golden vintage. The vineyards around Ptuj are best visited by bicycle.

Ptuj lake

Ptuj lies on Drava river, which has been dammed near-by to form the largest artificial lake in Slovenia. Two lake islands form an important habitat for many bird species, including rare and protected cormorans, terns and river gulls. Ptuj lake is a perfect place to explore by boat, wind surf or canoe.