Prekmurje is Slovenia’s most remote region, famous for its endless sunflower fields, elegant storks and huge pumpkins.

Main attractions:

  • Cultural and natural heritage
  • Spas and Wellness centres
  • Traditional crafts, food and wine
Dark, thick and rich pumpkin oil is the region’s most famous produce, and “prekmurska gibanica” is its most famous dessert, trademarked by the European Commission. Prekmurska gibanica is a succulent layer cake. The layered fillings include cottage cheese, walnuts, raisins, apples and poppy seeds.

Prekmurje literally means “over the Mura” and the region is divided from the rest of Slovenia by river Mura (Mur in Austria). Prekmurje maintains a strong sense of identitiy, and river Mura was not bridged in Slovenia until 1924.

Mura in Slovenia is a quiet river, famous for its traditional floating wooden water-mills, which were traditionally used for milling wheat, corn, buckwheat and spelt. There are some faithful reproductions of these traditional water-mills, where you can still buy the ecologically produced and freshly milled produce.

Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota is the regional and administrative centre of Prekmurje, and its main road and railway hub. Its main town square is decorated with an imposing monument to the Red Army, which liberated Prekmurje in the Second World War, featuring real cannons and life-size soldier statues. Beyond the square lies a leafy park and a Renaissance castle, housing the interesting Regional Museum.

Moravske Toplice

A major spa town where spa industry started out in the 1960s, when thermal springs were discovered during a search for oil. Extensive bathing areas include numerous swimming pools, air massage pools, geysers, waterfalls, wave machines and huge water slides. Water enjoyment is compolemented by wellness services, ranging from saunas to massage centres.


The best known church in Prekmurje, Bogojina parish church is a world-class architectural masterpiece. The church dedicated to the ascension of Jesus was built by Slovenia’s most famous architect Jože Plečnik, master builder of Ljubljana city centre, who also left an important mark on Prague.


The village of Filovci is famous for black pottery, a traditional craft of Prekmurje. There is a local museum and pottery workshop, where you can discover this ancient craft.