Grayling and marble trout fly-fishing in clean and pristine rivers and lakes. Guided flyfishing tours, accommodation and transport. Novelty: fly-fishing for families!

Main fly-fishing attractions in Slovenia:

  • Marble trout of Soča and surrounding rivers
  • Grayling, the highlight of fly-fishing in Slovenia
  • Other fish: brown trout, huchen, chub, barbel, carp, etc.
  • Clear, clean and remote rivers and lakes

Fly-fishing on Soča river - the marble trout

Soča river undoubtedly ranks number one among many beautiful rivers in Slovenia, interesting to fly-fishermen. Soča river’s main attraction to fly-fishermen is of course the marble trout (salmo marmoratus).

Once native to most of the western Balkans peninsula from Italy to Albania, the marble trout is Europe’s second biggest trout species. It came close to extinction in the 20th century because of hybridisation with introduced brown trout. After 8 genetically pure populations were found in the Soča basin, the species was successfully re-introduced into the wider area. Today marble trout population in Slovenia is stable.

Apart from Soča river, the marble trout can be found in smaller numbers in other Slovenian rivers: Bača, Idrijca, Reka, Rižana and Vipava.

On Tolminka river, which joins Soča river at Tolmin, is where one of the most famous flies in the world was developed, “behmova košatica” (Behmfliege).

Fly-fishing in Slovenia

There are 93 fish species in Slovenia, 33 of them are protected. Traditionally flyfishing was only used to catch trout and grayling, occasionally chub and huchen, but modern approach to flyfishing claims that any fish can be caught by a fly.

Slovenia’s rivers are divided into the drainage basins of the Adriatic sea and the Black sea, flowing there via Sava and Danube. Adriatic drainage area is the stronghold of the marble trout, whereas the Black sea drainage area is famous for the grayling.

Slovenia is small enough to reach most flyfishing spots within one hour, and all of them in less than two hours. Some anglers choose to stay in the cities, so they can combine the pristine nature with dining options and nightlife. Popular choices include Ljubljana, Celje and Maribor.

Other anglers opt for quiet family farmsteads or pensions, so they can stay close to nature and enjoy total relaxation.

Fly-fishing tours with Slovenia Explorer

Regardless of your accomodation choice, Slovenia Explorer will provide you with expert fly fishing guides that not only know Slovenia’s waters in detail, but they are passionate anglers, up-to-date with curent water levels and fish stock conditions, so they can advise you on the best choice of fly fishing location at any given time. We are confident that you will enjoy your fly fishing experience with us, and that you will return to fly fish with us again and again!