About us

Slovenia is just the right size to visit anywhere in a day, so don’t get stuck in one place!

Who we are?

We are a travel agency established in 2011 by Gregor Födransperg - Fedr, a writer and a photographer, and one of the most recognizable Slovenian travellers. He has been travelling the world for 20 years, and has spent half of that time organising and leading group tours all around the world. Whilst exploring different countries, cultures and values, meeting countless travellers - both as colleagues and clients - and through working with local agencies and travel guides, he has amassed extensive experience, which he has channelled into helping his clients explore Slovenia.


We are committed to exploring Slovenia in detail, showing off our country’s major sights and highlights, as well as unveiling its lesser known, yet quite as beautiful natural, cultural and historical wonders.

We share a passion for both our country and the tourism industry; a fact reflected in our enthusiastic approach and our dedication to strive for perfection.

Our offer stands out for its personal touch and professionalism, whether it be for our initial contact with customers or the attentive care and hospitality with which we greet every single passenger. Our guides have been commended for their knowledge, care and communication skills, as well as the passion with which they present the country. These are the qualities that make every experience with Slovenia Explorer pleasurable, fun and unforgettable.

In our daily trips we specialize for small groups of 2-8 people, striving to create an environment in which customers can really enjoy their day without any hassle or rush. We aim to present all customers with the opportunity to really immerse themselves into Slovene culture and the beauty of the country. These trips are wonderful for small groups, families or individual travellers. We endeavour to cater to everyone’s needs and show that we genu

inely care about the people who decide to travel with us. As a lot of our customers have said, “you really make us fall in love with Slovenia” and “you make us wish for more.”

We understand the importance of everybody involved in the hospitality and tourism sector for a well-rounded experience of our customers. To that end we have established an efficient cooperation with Tourism Ljubljana and Slovenian Tourist Organisation (STO) and organised multiple tours for the press. We received 4 out of 9 awards in different categories in the new tourism product competition organised in the newly founded tourist region of Central Slovenia, including the only first award in the ranked category.

One of our largest and most outstanding projects was the 2011 Cobra Meeting, the all-european meeting of the owners of AC Cobra cars in 2011. We have a valuable contractual cooperation with most hotels and accommodations in Ljubljana and selected accommodation providers around Slovenia, as well as most important tourism service providers. Additionally, we have arranged many private tours for boutique customers from nearly all continents.

What we do?


  • Scheduled day trips
  • Custom-made trips made to fit customers’ wishes
  • Private trips

Multi-day tours:

  • Tours around Slovenia
  • Tours around ex-Yugoslavia (Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, FYRM)
  • Tours around Central Europe (Austria, Italy, Hungary)
  • Multi-country combination tours

Active holidays or specialized trips and tours:

  • Bicycle Tours
  • Photography Tours & Workshops
  • Golf Tours
  • Fishing Tours
  • Wine tasting & Culinary delights
  • Tours that include activities such as horse riding, rafting, kayaking, etc.
  • Koper Shore Excursions

Key features of our tours

  • Designed to maximize your experience of Slovenia
  • Transparent prices of all our scheduled trips, so there are no hidden extras or unexpected optional supplements
  • Small groups (up to 8), because we value personal approach
  • Licensed and experienced guides with exceptional communication skills
  • Free pick-up and drop-off