About us

Slovenia is just the right size to visit anywhere in a day, so don’t get stuck in one place!

Slovenia Explorer travel agency is committed to exploring Slovenia in detail. We will not just show you the major sights and highlights, but also the lesser known, yet quite as beautiful natural, cultural and historical wonders of Slovenia. That is why »Explore Slovenia with the experts«!

Travelling runs in our blood


All Slovenia Explorer tours were designed by Gregor Födransperg – Fedr, on basis of his extensive experiences.

He has travelled the world for 20 years, and has spent half of that time organising and leading group tours all around the world. Whilst exploring different countries, cultures and values, meeting countless travellers - both as colleagues and clients, and through working with local agencies and travel guides, he has built a vast experience, which he has channelled into helping his clients explore Slovenia.

Gregor Födransperg – Fedr is a writer and a photographer, and one of the main Slovenian travellers. He has published two books and numerous travel-related articles in national newspapers and magazines, including the Slovenian edition of the National Geographic Magazine.

He was the first Slovenian to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, a 4220-km long traverse of the western United States, from Mexico to Canada. He spent a year riding his bicycle around the Mediterranean sea (southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa), and another six months across Africa – from Cape of Good Hope to Kilimanjaro. He has backpacked through North and Central America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Many travellers all around the world have put their trust into Fedr, and he will certainly not let you down in his own country!

We offer:

  • Regular daily trips
  • Custom-made trips made to your wishes
  • Multi-day tours
  • Tours of Slovenia in combination with the neighbouring countries (Croatia, Austria, Italy and Hungary) or any country in the world
  • Bookings for accommodation, services and activities in Slovenia

Key features of our tours:

  • Designed to maximize your experience of Slovenia
  • Transparent prices of all our scheduled trips, so there are no hidden extras or unexpected optional supplements
  • Small groups (up to 8), because we value personal approach
  • Licensed and experienced guides with exceptional communication skills
  • Free pick-up and drop-off